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28 June 2011

Monday 27th June 2011; Presentation of Cimitero Project Work

Week 12 of 12 
Module 6: Synthesis / Cimitero (Non-Catholic Cemetery) Project

This morning we gathered at the Non-Catholic Cemetery to present the work that we have carried out over the past week on six of the tombs to our course colleagues, Non-Catholic Cemetery staff and associates, Getty Conservation Institute staff and ICCROM staff. The additional people present were Amanda Thursfield (Cemetery Director), Nicholas Stanley-Price (Non-Catholic Cemetery), Rita Galluccio (Cemetery Conservator), Jeanne Marie Teutonico (Associate Director, GCI), Susan MacDonald (Head of Field Projects, GCI), Kecia Fong (Project Specialist, Education, GCI), Simon Warrack (ICCROM stone consultant and Stone Course Coordinator), Cristina Cabello-Briones (Stone Course Assistant), Estefania Lopez Gutierrez (ICCROM intern) and Gionata Rizzi (architect and Stone Course lecturer).

'Before treatment' photos of the tombs can be seen on 'Monday 23rd May 2011; Microbiological Deterioration'. Below are photographs showing the tombs as they appear now. Most of the tombs still require a small amount of work which will be completed over the next month or so. I will later add some details about the types of conservation interventions we employed, they included applying biocides, poulticing of various types and consolidation.

The Russian Tomb.

Tomb for Violet May Court.

Tomb for Osgood Field and Katharine Roxana Parker.

Tomb for Florence Baldwin (1918).

Tomb for Belinda Lee.

Tomb for Herman Wichmann.

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