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20 June 2011

Friday 17th June 2011; Vegetation Control & Biology Laboratory Session

Week 10 of 12 
Module 5: Conservation Interventions and Treatments; Criteria for Selection and Implementation

Today we were rejoined by Giulia Caneva (see Friday 20th May 2011; Biodeterioration) who gave us a lecture on 'Vegetation Control'. Following this we had a laboratory session with Giulia and Ornella Salvadori looking at the samples of biological material that we had removed from the tombs that we're conserving in the Non-Catholic Cemetery and other samples of biology to aid our understanding and identification skills. More details to follow...

Image of moss identified on the tomb of Florence Baldwin, which Anita (Australian participant) and I are conserving, through the lens of the stereomicroscope. Image c.10mm wide.

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