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29 May 2011

Thursday 26th May 2011; Vatican Visit, Archaeological Site Repairs & Wells Cathedral Case Study

Week 7 of 12 
Module 5: Conservation Interventions and Treatments; Criteria for Selection and Implementation

We were very privileged to have a visit to the Vatican today to meet Guy Devreux, head of the Stone Restoration Laboratory to be taken behind the scenes and shown some of the current projects being carried out. Guy is another predecessor of ours having studied on the ICCROM Stone Course in 1991.

We visited the site behind the screened part of the Colonnade to observe the conservation works being undertaken.

This afternoon Gionata Rizzi showed us some of the archaeological site projects he has worked on as case studies followed by David Odgers giving us a case study of conservation work carried out at Wells Cathedral in Somerset, England.

Details to follow...

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