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11 May 2011

Tuesday 10th May 2011; Structural Engineering for Masonry Construction & Non-Destructive Investigative Techniques

Week 5 of 12
Module 4: Deterioration Mechanisms; Methods of Survey & Analysis

Today we had further lectures with both Giorgio Croci and John Fidler (see descriptions 'Day 18 (10.05.2011)'). Giorgio talked us through 'Seismic Actions', 'L'Aquila Case Study' and 'A History of Domes'. John spoke to us about 'Non-Destructive Techniques of Investigation' and we had an additional visit and short lecture and demonstration from Alessio Benincasa who markets a 'Drilling Resistance Measuring System'.

Details to follow...

Giorgio Croci explaining deformation in Barrel Vaults.

John Fidler on the ICCROM roof where we trialled a non-destructive test.

The RILEM tube test for comparable permeability of materials.

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