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21 April 2011

Thursday 21st April 2011; Participant Presentations & Library

Week 2 of 12 
Module 2: History and Theory of Conservation

Today we completed the talks given by the course participants with talks from the candidates representing Romania, Palestine, Russia, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Syria. The candidates from Japan and Nigeria were absent but I hope we are also able to hear their presentations at a later stage. I was particularly interested by the presentation given by the Palestinian participant who works for RIWAQ, also a charity like the Scottish Lime Centre Trust. I realised that we are lucky in the fact that, in general, much of our population is keen to live in our historic towns and villages and to continue the use of our historic buildings. The issue being faced in Palestine is that many of the historic areas have been deserted and therefore RIWAQ are working together with the community to try to encourage people to care for their historic towns and villages and to repopulate them. Their projects provide skills training and employment in the short term and reuse of their heritage in the long term.

Paul Arenson, Chief Librarian, gave us a tour of the amazing library collection at ICCROM. The collection is available internationally and contains references in many different languages on all topics related to conservation. A special 'Stone' section has been prepared for our course.

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