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29 April 2011

Friday 29th April 2011; Tivoli Quarry and De Tomassi Workshop Visits

Week 3 of 12
Module 3: Material Characteristics and as a Building Material

We we were out of the classroom today accompanied by the Stone Course team, Peter Rockwell and David Jefferson.

Pacifici Masonry Yard, Tivoli
Large blocks or travertine were being transported around the yard and we saw many of the processes involved in the production of travertine cladding from cutting the stone into thin sheets (down to 10mm in width), filling the pores with mortar, polishing, cutting and packing. The team was currently processing stone which will be used in a new shopping centre in London.

Cutting the slabs.

The yard.

Stone Course participants examining the travertine.

Pacifici Travertine Quarry, Tivoli

After visiting the yard we were taken to the quarry where we were lucky enough to time our visit with the breaking of a large slab of stone.

De Tomassi (Stone Masonry) Workshop, Rome
After the quarry visit we went back into Rome and visited Mr De Tomassi at his masonry workshop where he uses a large number of traditional masonry techniques for working stone.

Mr De Tomassi, Simon Warrack and Peter Rockwell

Paper hats made from newspaper like the one in this photo are commonly worn by Italian stone carvers. The newspaper used apparently tells you the politics of the mason wearing the hat. Apparently the type of carvers are commonly divided by politics; generally 'roughing out' carvers are left leaning, fine finish carvers centre and none right leaning.


Peter Rockwell showing us how features can be measured for carving. 

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